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In today’s mobile world, it can be tough to keep pace with user bandwidth demands as network perimeters continue to expand. By integrating a DHCSTECH cloud security solution with UCaaS, your team can feel confident accessing the internet or applications on any device, from anywhere. The load on site-to-site connections is eased as cloud bandwidth increases, and costly security appliances are no longer needed. Next-level UCaaS with cloud security is faster, safer and able to drive the kind of productivity that helps your enterprise business reach its high-growth goals.


UCaaS Security

Make a stellar solution even better! Integrate cloud security with UCaaS for safer and more robust connectivity with dedicated support from security and UCaaS experts

Intelligent Security Routing

Configure UCaaS to route internet traffic to the cloud so that compliance, malware defense and data loss prevention can be applied there efficiently

A More Sustainable Model

Allow traffic to flow through the most optimized path directly to the internet, reducing the load for UCaaS links and lowering costs

Streamlined Security Policies

Apply the same policies to branch office internet traffic as you do to mobile users working remotely

Cost-Efficient Scaling

Push split routing policies to branch office perimeter network equipment so that internal traffic is routed over private links while internet traffic is routed to the cloud

Greater Overall Efficiency

Increase network speeds and latency with cloud-based security that eases the load on private UCaaS links


Whether you’re using UCaaS or MPLS, adding a DHCSTECH cloud security solution to the mix can increase speed, reduce operating costs and remove bandwidth load from site-to-site connections. For everything you need to know about routing traffic securely through the cloud, check out this white paper from iboss, our trusted cloud security partner.

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DHCSTECH cloud security solutions are built on cutting edge technology, but we don’t stop there. You will also benefit from:

  • A Back-Up Team of Security Pros

    We have a long track record of successfully deploying the cloud security products we recommend, and our pros know how to ensure you’re getting the most value out of your cloud security dollar..

  • Cloud Security Partnerships

    We combine our own expertise and experience with that of our trusted partners to deliver best-in-class cloud security that can easily be integrated into your existing UCaaS or other solutions.

  • Exceptional Customer Service

    Keeping your enterprise safely and efficiently on its high-growth track is our top priority. Count on our responsive, 24/7 team to answer questions, troubleshoot and solve any problems that might arise.